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Twinstick Shooter / Independent

Solo passion project developed with a priority on speed and game feel with a really satisfying shotgun & and dance like movement

  • Developed challenging singleplayer campaign tightly iterated to be open to multiple playstyles and loadouts
  • Wrote finite state machine AI and unique bosses that work together to outmaneuver the player, but can be tricked with clever use of the environment
  • Created voronoi split screen death match mode with multiple maps and bullet hell pattern editor for a highly replayable procedural local co-op (or with AI) bullet hell survival mode


AR & VR / Ama Inc & Facebook

Collaborated on a team of 32 on R&D, engineering, vis-dev, and interactive teams on AR VR narrative Mothers Day experience

  • Served on-set as set dresser & photogrammetry specialist, hand retoppo'd & textured all environment and prop scans
  • Rigged & keyframed all characters and their animations
  • Wrote animation editor tool for VR attention direction, wrote smtp mail & text transition to AR gift
  • Designed & scripted various interactions as well as created corresponding UI

Dear Mom Documentation

team meeting
clapboard and script
photogrammetry shoot
retoppo side by side comparison
textured retoppod interior model
rough keyframe animation layout
camera mechanic prototype


3rd Person Adventure / Independent

Collaborated on a team of 32 on R&D, engineering, vis-dev, and interactive teams on AR VR narrative Mothers Day experience

  • Level Design: blockmeshing -> final art pass, implement usability test feedback (videos & surveys) and iterated on design, made and maintained burndown chart for agile
  • Art: drew character designs -> 3d Modeled, textured, rigged, anim tree setup, hand keyed and mocaped all animation
  • Systems Design: scripted controller, all interactions, cutscene (dialogue / dolly / tracking) camera system, and sound implementation

Post Hello Documentation

blockmesh prototype
technical spec
mocap spec
development roadmap
level flowchart
analytics report for usability


1st Person Skateboarding / Independent

Solo passion project that teaches existentialism. Skate anywhere in an aesthetic purgatory.

  • Created large vaporwave inspired skatepark map with scripted NPC quests, 4000+ collectables, and easter eggs
  • Wrote an in-game fake OS that would break the 4th wall with the player’s actual desktop and applications using liminal mechanics for both comedic and personal moments
  • Remotely coordinated a 47-song soundtrack with over 25 vaporwave musical artists

Griptape Backbone Documentation

map ortho view
early screenshot
editor screenshot
keyframed animations
early gameplay gif
AI screenshot
early purgatory OS screenshot

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