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Inspired by music, creating the surreal, personal, and comical one experience at a time.

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Hi there!

My name is Steven Harmon. I’m a multidisciplinary game developer with an emphasis in technical art & design (scripting mechanics, implementing systems, and developing art pipelines), level design, and cinematics (virtual production, motion capture, acting & directing). I graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a bachelor’s degree Interactive Media Game Design (IMGD). I also have a background of 10 years in theater as an actor, playwright, and director at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and various other theaters. I’m passionate about education, community organizing, toilets, and DIY.

Currently I’m adapting an immersive theater play Zotto to mixed reality in collaboration with the Japanese Arts Network and am enrolled to study at National Taiwan University Summer 2023


Entertainment Software Association · Voyage LA · Queerly Represent Me · Digital Diversity · Dev Talks · Inven Global · Late Knights Podcast · USC · Novelle · Be Indie Now


2020 "Thank you. I'll make you proud by making good in games"

2019 "Make the world a little smaller and the industry a bit more inviting"

2018 "It's a great feeling to be understood, and I never want to let that go"

2017 "I am my work and my work is me"

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