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About Me

My name is Steven Harmon, and my pronouns are He/Him/His.

I'm a game designer and mocap tech with a passion for creating immersive experiences that make people laugh and cry. I'm a graduate of the University of Southern California Interactive Media & Games Division pandemic class of 2021. I have a background of 10 years of theater at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, Ellie Caulkins Opera, and more. I love making things out of cardboard and electronics, creating intricate shitposts, hiking, camping, teaching, skateboarding, analyzing film, curating mix CDs, listening to ASMR, and consuming inhuman amounts of pecan pie.

I've been making games since 2011. Self-taught until college with each project being a steppingstone to the next. I strive to make games where there are no barriers between developer and player.

I make games that can:

  • console someone through their hardships and ground them in their crises.
  • provide an engaging escape that leaves the player better equipped for the real world.
  • bring people together and cultivate empathy where there is disconnect.
  • question broken systems in our day to day lives and crowdsource alternatives.

Ultimately, I just want to help people and games are the way I can reach the most with the greatest impact.

I organized USC Game Space, an LA developer co-working space, for three years, served as a Unity Student Ambassador for two years, MEGA USC E-board member for one, and volunteered part-time with GaymerX for a little over one year. Recently I’ve worked at Activision Central Tech and Jam City. Currently I work at MPC Film as a virtual production Stage TD and on the side am working on Wing Wor a VR game.

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Please let me talk your ear off about these games

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

I can still hear the Smash Mouth soundtrack in my head. A THPS licensed olive branch between my sister and I that I cherish.


Besides being a technical masterpiece for the time, F.E.A.R to this day has some of the best gunplay, AI, and sound design in any fps game.

Champions of Norrath

A top notch co-op RPG that spanned 2 games! This game was the last thing given to me by a family member who always encouraged my passion for games.

Thomas Was Alone

The first game to make me cry.
And they were just cubes...
Smart production and simple but effective execution in art, voice acting, and music.


Many summers well spent.
Being able to have ultimate freedom after exiting the first cave and seeing a mountain on the horizion. Pure escapism!

Raft Wars

I grew up on flash games both on miniclip, cartoon network's Ed Ed n' Eddy demolition derby, Lego's Mars Mission RTS, RW represents that golden era of games for me.

Always Sometimes Monsters

Probably the most realistic RPG I've ever played. Each decision I made shaped my perception of who I was in and out of game.

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